The Week of 7/20 at a Glance

Not much has been done to the 65 since the last races except for fixing the driver’s side axle leak. In my haste of getting the truck back together for the June street legal drags, I didn’t get all the rust and grime off the axle tubes. This time I took a wire wheel to the tube and cleaned it well with brake cleaner (At least I though it was brake cleaner, until I looked at the can, after it was back together). Hopefully the lubricants in the carb cleaner won’t affect it.

I also got the new fuel cell, but life’s been busy and it’s going to take some work to get it properly mounted and plumbed.

New fuel cell
New fuel cell

I won’t be starting any major project this week because on Friday the 24th is street legal drags, which I will be taking the 65 to. Hope to see you there!

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