Not fast enough. Madras Friday Night Street Legals and Warhawk Jet Fired Car.

I took the 65 to the drags and had a great time. However, on the way to the races the truck was having some issues with vapor locking. It also did this a number of times while doing burnouts in the water box and going down the strip. There will be a video on YouTube of the truck falling on it’s face while going down the track. When the pickup was running good it was running about 8.9 seconds in the 1/8. These times are pretty slow and really makes me want to put on the nitrous. I’ll see how it runs on about a 200 horsepower shot, but still think I need a much bigger camshaft. Regardless, I had a great time and think a lot of the family and other racers did too. This coming week I’ll be working on getting the fuel system installed so we can run some nitrous.

IMG_0979 (1024x768)

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