Friday Night Drag Results

After a lot of preparation for the drags we were able to make it to Madras. The truck ran well and the new Mickey Thompson “cheater slicks” hooked up well. Our elapsed time was about the same as from previous years, but the final mph’s were slightly lower. The taller tires aren’t as good for the 1/8 mile and I barely even hit 3rd gear, but the truck should do great in the 1/4. I’ll be making some minor tweaks to the truck and we should see improvement in launches,  speed, lower e.t.’s and consistency. Oh and a big shot of Nitrous Oxide will help!

2015 Race season

The 2015 race season is here. I’m working on getting the 65 ready for the June 19th street legal drags.

New for this season- Mickey Thompson “cheater” slicks, Strange differential cover and Moser C-Clip eliminators.

In the process of- Having the axles turned down for the C-Clip eliminators.

Plans for the next couple of weeks- Installing a Turbo Action Cheetah shifter, cutting down the axle tubes, putting the rear-end back together, installing new driver and passenger 5 point harnesses, and building a drive-line loop.

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